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April 26-28, 2004
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Special Issue in Elsevier's Integration

We are pleased to announce the planned publication of a special issue of Integration, the VLSI Journal by Elsevier publications. This announcement solicits expanded accepted articles from this year's ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI (2004) covering all topic areas from the conference. See the Journal Call for Papers link for more information.


Manuscript Submission:June 15, 2004
Acceptance Notification: June 30, 2004
Final Manuscript Due: July 15, 2004
Publication: Summer 2004

Topic Areas

  • VLSI Design: design of ASICs, microprocessors and micro-architectures, embedded processors, analog/digital/mixed-signal systems, multi-chip modules, FPGAs.
  • VLSI Circuits: analog/digital/mixed-signal circuits, RF and communication circuits, chaos/neural/fuzzy-logic circuits, high-speed/low-power circuits.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD): hardware/software co-design, logic and behavioral synthesis, logic mapping, simulation and formal verification, layout (partitioning, placement, routing, floorplanning, compaction, etc.), algorithms and complexity analysis.
  • Low Power Design: circuits, micro-architectural techniques, CAD support, power estimation methodologies and tools.
  • Testing, Reliability, Fault-Tolerance: digital/analog/mixed-signal testing, design for testability and reliability, online testing techniques, static and dynamic defect- and fault-recoverability.
  • Nanotechnology: emerging technologies (resonant tunneling devices, single electron transistors, quantum devices, molecular electronics, etc.), circuit design using nanotechnology devices, modeling and simulation tools for nanoelectronic devices and circuits.

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